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The Partnerships Resource Centre (PrC) is built up as an independent, flexible learning network. This implies that it is at the heart of a (virtual) network of professionals, academics and practitioners around the world that share and collect information on selecting appropriate partnerships and increasing their efficiency, impact and effectiveness. The PrC focuses primarly on the business perspective and is rooted in Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University.

What we do

The PrC carries out fundamental research, develops tools and knowledge-sharing protocols and delivers web-based learning modules and executive training. Our activities are available to a broad audience interested in cross-sector partnerships for sustainable development, and are aimed at understanding the effectiveness of partnerships around the world.

The PrC explores the value that partnerships generate for individual partner organisations and for sustainable and inclusive development. Our focus is on enhancing scientific knowledge about cross sector partnerships, and thereby strengthening partnership practice. 


We aim to understand the effectiveness and impact of cross-sector partnerships by creating an inspiring research and learning environment for everyone involved. Therefore, we want to:

  • contribute to a better understanding of critical success factors for partnerships, and develop inclusive business and theory-of-change models within projects using fundamental scientific research and applied action research;
  • facilitate the exchange of experience and expertise in partnerships by building an international knowledge network;
  • provide executive training and facilitate building and managing partnerships;
  • strengthen the position of the PrC as knowledge and resource centre for cross sector partnerships in the Netherlands, and extend this position abroad.

Partnering for sustainability

Partnerships between public sector, private sector and civil society have become increasingly prominent. These three sectors are acknowledged to be interdependent; the objectives of one sector can often only be achieved in partnership with others. Partnerships should create a ‘collaborative advantage’ by generating additional knowledge and resources so that it is possible to achieve results for sustainable development that benefit all parties involved that would not have been achieved by parties acting individually.


Effective management of partnerships presents a variety of challenges because they operate in complex environments. Firms, governmental organisations and civil society organisations speak different languages, have diverse interests and strategies, and operate in a context of specific organisational cultures. Overcoming these divisions is a challenge for partnership practitioners. Managing partnerships means building mutual understanding, fostering mutual respect, and focusing on joint problem solving and managing the relationship.

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