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Woord en Daad

Woord en Daad connects people in their fight against poverty, from a Biblical perspective.



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Woord en Daad is a Christian development organisation, which was founded in 1973. We support programs in 17 countries on three continents. Our focus is on inclusive quality education, from pre-primary to secondary and vocational education, on linking skilled youngsters to the labour market, and on supporting local small and medium business development, esp. in the agro-sector.

Woord en Daad works exclusively with local counterparts, so as to contribute to a strong and vibrant civil society in developing countries.

In the Netherlands we have a strong supporter base. Thanks to their relentless efforts, we are able to finance our programmes. Several of our programmes are also cofinanced by institutional donors like the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Over the years Woord en Daad has developed a strong advocacy team, which works both at the Dutch and the European level. In our many contacts with politicians and decisionmakers we advocate for a strong and convincing implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals, not only through development cooperation, but also through coherent policy making in other areas, like trade and finance.

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Targeted Impact & Commitments

Everything about Woord en Daad's impact through its many programs is to be found at our website: https://www.woordendaad.nl/english/our-impact

You can also find our impact through IATI: http://d-portal.org/ctrack.html?publisher=NL-KVK-41118168&tongue=eng#view=publisher