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From an innate desire to contribute to a better, greener and cleaner world (13), R-energy's goal is to produce (9) devices that generate renewable energy (7) in a modern collaborative social way (17) to realise a happy and healthy economic situation (8). We use materials that have been used before and construct the product in a way that it is totally reuseable (12). By doing this we contribute to a healthy and pleasant place to live (11).

We start with building 'urban turbines', medium sized wind turbines to be placed on houses and buildings to generate the energy where it is needed.

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We aim specifically to build products in a circular way. To provide them to users in a circular method (to use them instead of owning) to make sure they come back to us for upgrade or reuse, refurbish or other. 

Above that, our products produce clean energy. Without polluting and available for everyone. We strive for an equal share of male/female coworkers and of course treat them equally.

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By producing circular and generating clean energy, we make no waste. We treat our coworkers (obviously!) equally and take care of the planet. By doing so we create possibilities to work in a meaningful, healthy and circular way.

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