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'Connect for impact': The Dutch SDG Charter connects actors from diverse sectors to catalyze joint action contributing to the SDGs.



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The Dutch SDG Charter Foundation (SDG Charter) aims to contribute to the realization of the Sustainable Development Goals by creating the enabling environment for joint and coordinated action of multiple stakeholders. It's a growing network of frontrunning organisations contributing to the SDGs, in the Netherlands and abroad. Join the network by committing to the SDG Charter!

The SDG Charter consists of 160+ signatories from the private sector, NGOs, knowledge institutes, (local) government, philanthropy and the financial sector, who want to work together on the Sustainable Development Goals. The Foundation will facilitate these partnerships. 

The SDG Charter Foundation is supported by a steering group consisting of the following umbrella organisations: Global Compact Netherlands, Partos, CSR Netherlands, VNG I, IUCN NL, NWO WOTRO, the Major Alliance and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Initiators of the SDG Charter are: True Price, DSM and Worldconnectors.

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Targeted Impact & Commitments

The SDGs pose a set of complex challenges and opportunities. These do not respect boundaries between sectors, they can require deep transformations and they require action at all levels. Therefore, it is  necessary to join the forces of actors from diverse sectors, leaving no one behind.

The SDG Charter signatories have committed to individual and joint action on the SDGs. They are front runners, inspiring others to join. In order to achieve the SDGs, this has to grow into a critical mass of individuals and organizations working towards the SDGs.

Therefore, the SDG Charter Foundation aims to have the following impact:

Impact: Critical mass of actions on the SDGs

Once this tipping point is reached, the SDG Charter Foundation has fulfilled its role  and can dissolve itself. The Charter does not bear sole responsibility for achieving this impact, as this will be the result of actions by many.

In order to reach and sustain this critical mass, the goal of the Charter is to build a solid foundation of action on the SDGs.


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