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Better Places offers unique, high-quality travel experiences, 100% tailor-made by local travel experts in direct consultation with travellers, focused around nature and the local population. We believe that by offering travel in a responsible way we can help to make the world that little bit better. We aim to minimize the possible negative effects of tourism on two fronts. Firstly, we want to see the local population benefit from the positive economic impact of tourism. We do this by cutting out 'the middle man': our local travel experts communicate directly with travellers, and in turn involve the local population as much as possible when designing the trips. This way we make sure the travellers have an authentic experience, and the local people have a fair and direct source of income. Secondly, we made sure that all travel booked through Better Places is carbon-neutral. By using the Carmacal calculator, we compensate - at our own expense, not that of the traveller - not only the on-destination travel booked through Better Places, but also the emission of the international flight.

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Targeted Impact & Commitments

Better Places is determined to actively contribute to the UN's Sustainable Development Goals of making the world a better place by 2030, by using tourism as a force for good in reducing income inequality and global poverty. Tourism has become an increasingly more important branch of industry for developing nations, contributing to both local entrepreneurship and ownership. Unfortunately, it often forgets to include locals in its success. Better Places wants to enhance the positive impact of tourism through our focus on local experts, authentic and local tours and small-scale family owned, sustainable accommodations. Simultaneously, we are concerned with limiting the possible negative environmental impact of tourism. We have partnered with Dopper to address the issue of single use plastic waste, and we are committed to offsetting 100 % of carbon emissions caused by all travel booked through Better Places (including international flights), at our own expense.

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