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‘It takes a village to raise a child’ - ‘It takes a child to raise a village‘



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Richter Education Foundation wants facilitate building connections between individuals in their local and regional environment to co-create a regenerative and just society.


Richter Education Foundation facilitates building cross-sectoral relationships between people age 15 to 99 years old, who want to make a difference for the Common Good (SDGs). ANYBODY can either initiate a CHALLENGE or commit oneself for a limited period of time to a local TEAM challenging a SDGs.


Participation in CHALLENGES is open to ANYONE individually or connected to a institute, organisation or corporation.


Richter Education Foundation will screen and publish the CHALLENGES, enables participation and offers project support. The achievement of each challenge can be a SERVICE, a RESEARCH or a DESIGN that always will serve the Common Good.


EACH LOCATION IN THE REGION offering the right facilities for execution of the CHALLENGE can be chosen as workstation or meeting point by the team members themselves …. being either a community building or production plant of a associated company or a lab of an associated college. 


Each CHALLENGE has got a  duration of a half ‘academic year’. The first period runs from September to January and the second period runs from February to June. Participation requires a minimum time investment of 4 meeting hours a week of each team member.

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Targeted Impact & Commitments

Starting local pilots in Boxtel and Brainport area in academic year 2020-2021.

Impact achieved

Please join us in action. Toghether we can make a bigger impact.

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