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Who we are

Attached is an LSP (language services provider or language solutions provider) based in Scheveningen, the seaside area of The Hague, the Netherlands. Perhaps due to the smallness of our country, we Dutchies are known for our language skills and entrepreneurial spirit. Therefore, you have come to the right address with your language issues. At Attached, we work together with linguists and specialists from all over the globe. Every day, this whole world comes together in our beautiful office – it’s the best inspiration we can think of to continuously make the most of our work.

Our company

We have been providing clients with a wide range of language services for over 15 years. Each member of our in house team brings in a different area of expertise that is critical to our success. So whether you require traditional language services such as translation and editing or creative offerings such as transcreation and copywriting, Attached has the right people for the job.

Our logo, a paperclip, is the icon for an e-mail attachment. And even though this method of delivery is getting past its prime, it has helped us deliver a great number of translations over the years. But we also chose the name Attached because we are attached to our clients, attached to our suppliers and colleagues, and attached to our projects and deadlines… anything and anyone who crosses our path whom we can help to do their work even better.

We really like getting to know our clients and are happy to invest time and energy in building up a long-term relationship, as we feel we can then help you in the best possible way.


Our linguists and language specialists

Our network of resources includes linguists, copywriters, translators, and more. A truly global network as it covers Europe, North and South America, and large parts of Asia. Yet, not anyone can be part of our extended team. Once these professionals have passed our stringent assessment tests, the in-house team briefs them completely on the projects.

Our partners all work in their mother tongue and have years of experience behind them. They share our work ethic and will do everything to ensure your project is completed on time and to perfection.


Our social involvement

We consider it very important to give something back to society. Among other things, this means we are proud and permanent sponsors of the Net4kids foundation and the Dutch childrens’ think tank Raad van Kinderen. They can call upon our services any time and we will provide them with a free or cost-based translation service.


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