Raise the flag for the Sustainable Development Goals!

Thank you for your interest in the second edition of the SDG flag campaign! After the success of the first edition in 2020, we are aiming for even more participants this year.

On this page we explain the action and share advice on what you can do to put the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) at the centre on 24 and 25 September 2021.

1. Purpose of the SDG Flag Campaign
2. How to order a flag?
3. A four step plan for September 24th & 25th
4. What else you can do
5. Need more information?

The flag campaign is an initiative by

1. Purpose of the SDG Flag Campaign

On September 25, 2021, it will be exactly six years since the world embraced the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), seventeen goals that guide us to an inclusive, just and sustainable society by 2030.

In the past six years, great results have been achieved. However, we also know that a great deal still needs to be accomplished in the coming nine years. That is why we are organizing the second edition of the flag action: “Together for the SDGs” on Friday 24 and Saturday 25 September 2021, the days that the SDG Action Day also takes place.

By hoisting the SDG flag, organizations, municipalities, companies, civil society organizations, schools and the government show that they are part of this global movement. From the Dutch universities of applied sciences to our embassies abroad, the SDG flag will be displayed again on September 24 and 25. In this way we show the world that we are committing to greener, more inclusive economies, and stronger, more resilient societies.

2. How to order a flag?

The flag can be ordered directly from the DVC flags webshop. DVC produces the flags in the Netherlands from recycled PET material. The flag size is 150×225 cm.

3. A four step plan

1️⃣ Find a nice, visible place where you can raise the flag – preferably near the main building and if possible in multiple locations. On Friday September 24th we will hoist the flag together, but hoisting before and after that date is also allowed!

2️⃣ Combine the ‘lifting moment’ with a public speech and/or statement on social media from your director, board or management. For example, discuss how your organization contributes to achieving the SDGs, why the goals are important to your organization and/or which SDGs your organization puts focus on.

3️⃣ Share a photo or video of the flag raising moment on social media. Always good to see faces on it, so everyone knows who is participating. Use the hashtag #samenvoordeSDGs and #togetherfortheSDGs. You can also tag @SDGNederland, @GlobalCompactNL, @VNGi and @MinBZ.

4️⃣ Discuss how your organization can contribute to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals: with your team, your management, your colleagues and partners.

4. What else you can do

💡 Put together a committed SDG core team that outlines how you can achieve the goals. Or appoint an ambassador who becomes the point of contact for everyone who wants to contribute to achieving the goals.

💡 Put your sustainable heroes in the spotlight. For example, the people who have worked on ecological or social sustainability this year, perhaps even in the context of corona. Publish their photos or stories on social media or award a flag raising prize.

💡 Organize a round table discussion with your stakeholders to brainstorm on how you can work together to achieve the goals.

💡If corona measures allow it, organize a sustainable market or an event where you put local sustainable initiatives and entrepreneurs in the spotlight. You will find (digital) communication material that you can use on the SDG Netherlands website.

💡 Involve children and young people in the action. Challenge them to come up with creative solutions for SDG challenges or put them to work creatively, for example by drawing and painting their sustainable dreams on homemade flags.

    5. Need more information?

    Send an e-mail to Mijke from Global Compact Network Netherlands or Samuel from SDG Nederland.

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