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Resource Wende Toekomstdialogen

28 oktober 2021 I 09:30 - 29 oktober 2021 I 17:00 CEST


The existing sustainability and recovery plans do not sufficiently take into account the imminent consequences of the resource scarcity. As a result, the current policies and investment decisions will only be partly feasible and to a large extend lead to artificial solution and stranded assets. There is a real need to incorporate the limiting factors, dictated by the scarce building blocks of the Universe as a boundary condition for each regional and global improvement programme.


  • Short-term: Action-agenda
    The envisioned outcome of the dialogues on 28+29 October is an Action-agenda that indicates how resource scarcity will become an integral part of all current and future sustainability dossiers.
  • Mid-term: Futures agreement
    The resource scarcity offers both opportunities and threats. As a follow-up of the existing Dutch Energy- and Climate Agreements, a Futures Agreement will be composed for the Netherlands, in line the EU Green Deal. This masterplan explains how the Dutch unique qualities will be combined to execute the various sustainability plans as an integrated whole, taking into account the limiting factors of the resource scarcity.

SDG Nederland board members Adrian Groot Ruiz en Herman Mulder will both participate in a workshop resp. New Economy and SDG’s.

Participation Fee

  • Business: € 495,-
  • Working-session owner: € 195
  • Youth: € 75
  • Diner on Thursday 28th: € 50,- (optional)
  • Early-bird discount: 10%
    (until October 1st 2021. Until that date the ‘Stichting Toekomst Akkoord’ is also VAT-exempt, so you don’t have to pay 21% VAT on top of the participation-fee)


28 oktober 2021 I 09:30 CEST
29 oktober 2021 I 17:00 CEST